Hosting Mobile Content

Hosting your mobile content is easy and free.

With every .mobi domain registration at you get for free the Instant Mobilizer Feature!

Instant Mobilizer automatically converts your existing website into a dynamic mobile version. Be the first to try it, just log into your account and select this service next to the .mobi domain name you wish to mobilize, or buy a new .mobi domain to get it.

 •  The creation of a mobile version is only available from a .mobi domain name, and you can convert an existing website to a .mobi from any domain name extension (.com, .net, .de…).

 • This service is now free in 2009 for 1 year at EuroDNS, and is based on the renewal date of the corresponding .mobi domain.

 • The .mobi domain name will be automatically configured on the DotMobi nameservers. This service will be operational on mobile phones about 24 hours after you have ordered it.

 • Once active you will be able to see the status of your .mobi domain name in your account (my domains/ manage my domains) with a phone icon next to it.

Please make the Cache directory writable.